Distinctively Better

Internal Audit & HR Benefits strategies to cure business headaches.

How We Can Help You Shine

internal Audit

Certified internal auditors with many years of experience collaborate to complete your internal audit projects without sacrificing time or budget.


Tenured tax accountants and advisers partner to efficiently address evolving corporate tax policy, state tax compliance and IRS litigation concerns.

employee benefits

Benefits strategists partner with HR teams to enhance hiring and retention efforts and combat high healthcare and hiring costs. 


IT experts align technological systems to organizational objectives to minimize risk and boost productivity.

The foundation of our value proposition is our position as an infinite player. We encourage new players in the industry, and base our decisions on adding value -instead of historical results. Our commitment to innovation guarantees our advancement in the game.

– Founder's Creed

The Next Evolution in Consulting

Your unique needs require unique solutions without excuses. 


Business is personal. Business is people.

MEVEAU employs the practice of "blind hiring" in its client engagement, vendor selection, employee hiring and contracting processes.

People who are free to be themselves bring the best versions of themselves to work.

Join MEVEAU to change how the world works. 

Our world-class development team consistently matches opportunity with action.

Our audit and tax teams are serious about compliance and engage in rigorous training.

Our employee benefits team prides themselves on prioritizing quality of life.

Our technology team constantly scours the world for best-in-class tech solutions.

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